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Chris Trietsch, Martial Arts Instructor

Chris Trietsch

5th Dan Black Belt Senior Instructor/ Youth Program Director

Chris Trietsch has been part of the Taecole family for over 15 years. Chris started practicing Taekwondo at Taecole when he was 6 years old and has loved it ever since! Chris is passionate about helping others be the best version of themselves.  

Chris now specializes in teaching the Children's Program (K-12). Chris also Loves playing and building ukuleles.

He is a Top Korean Forms Traditionalist and is a Gold Medalist for the USA. 

*2019 Ocean State Grand Nation Mens Korean Forms Champion

*2017 ADELPHI Honors BA in physical Education/ECD (K-12)

*2016 NYS / KRANE National Mens Black Belt Champion. 

*2015 Mens GOLD Medalist USA Martial Arts Team

*2015 ISKA Mens Traditional Forms Champion

*2014 Mens NASKA World Champion Fighter 

*2014 Top Ten NASKA Mens Korean Forms Competitor 

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