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Ray Messina Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Ray Messina in Albertson - Taecole Tae Kwon Do & Fitness

Ray Messina

Health Coach / VI Dan Black Belt

Master Ray is a certified Health Coach, Primal Expert. He has a unique approach that incorporates nutrition, exercise and spirituality for healthy life. 

1991 - started training in Taekwondo at Tiger Kim’s in Flushing, NY, under Master Kim
1992 - 1998 - trained at American Olympic Kenpo Karate, earned 2nd Dan Black Belt
1999 - trained under Master Maggie Messina, Kang system of Tae Kwon Do
2001 - tested and promoted to 2nd Dan under Master Maggie Messina
2004 - promoted to 3rd Dan by Grand Master Hwang Kwang Sung K-9-1
2007 - tested and promoted to 4th Dan by Grand Master Hwang Kwang Sung K-9-1
2007 - transferred 4th Dan to ITF, A-4-45, under Prof Chang Ung
2011 - tested and promoted to 5th Dan, A-5-183, by ITF under Prof. Chang Ung
2011 - present - training for promotion to 6th Dan

2015 Health Coach / Primal Blueprint Master 

2016 Founded Ray Messina Health Coaching

Master Ray Messina has devoted himself to brining the best of independent Tae Kwon Do and ITF Taekwon-Do to his students. Master Ray specializes is teaching the adult population at TaeCole, but is comfortable teaching children of all ages and needs. Master Ray is passionate about the many benefits’ of Taekwon-Do, mental, physical and spiritual. Master Ray’s teaching approach is strictly along the lines of Traditional martial arts instruction. If asked why he became a teacher of Taekwon-Do his reply will be, “ I did not choose Taekwon-Do but Taekwon-Do chose me.”

Master Ray has his BA in Business Management. Ray is also an accomplished Radiographic Technologist in CT, Angio intervention and X-Ray.


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