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Kids Martial Arts near Albertson
WINNER! Best on the North Shore 2024


My 4 year old son has made so much progress after 4 months of taekwondo at Taecole

My 4 year old son has made so much progress after 4 months of taekwondo at Taecole. He’s learned focus, self-control, and he is so happy and smiley during every class. The confidence he is gaining under Master Messina’s guidance is wonderful and we can’t wait to see where this takes him! The studio is clean, the instructors are attentive, and the uniforms are adorable!

Absolutely love Taecole TKD!

Absolutely love Taecole, my little has been here since she was three and it has really helped her grow in character and confidence. Summer camp was also very good and she's been asking to do it again next summer! Thank you to the entire crew for being a blessing to my daughter 

My family benefited from them, so should yours!

If you want your children to learn to protect themselves, learn respect for themselves and others and grow in so many positive ways then this is the school for you. Master Messina and her staff are the people you want to help mold your children into their best selves.  No higher accolade than “ they mold our future leaders” can I give. My family benefited from them, so should yours.

The staff genuinely care for the children’s well-being, both on and off the mat.

Taecole is an incredible school. My kids get so much out of class and enjoy it too. The staff genuinely care for the children’s well-being, both on and off the mat.

One of the best places for children to learn important life skills!

A wide variety of weekly classes are offered, ensuring a fun but effective learning environment, speckled with other events and programs throughout the year. One of the best places for children to learn important life skills, behaviors, and attitudes, positively reinforced by amazingly caring and thoughtful instructors, lead/trained by Master Messina. Your child will also learn martial arts in the process, which, you know, is also useful.

The instructors are always great with the kids!

My daughter has been taking Tae Kwon Do lessons here for a little over a year and she loves it. The instructors are always great with the kids and there are always other extra activities they offer every month!

Master Maggie Women of distinction Nassau County 2023

Master Maggie:

Women of Distinction Nassau County 2023 

Kids Martial Arts near Albertson
NYS Congress PTA Community Service Award 2023


Master Messina has been a fixture in the Albertson Community for years. She and her staff work hard to not only teach the physical aspects of martial arts, but they also make sure kids understand these 5 tenants: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit. The TaeCole staff started an after school club at Meadow Drive School my first year as president, providing the opportunity to learn

tae kwon do to kiddos who can't take class at the dochang several times a week. TaeCole also started clubs at Hampton Street School and Jackson Avenue School, reaching tons of Mineola students and providing them the chance to earn belts. And those belts are earned with this school. Nothing is given.

Well... hold on. I guess that's not entirely true. While students have to earn their belts, (put in the work, give their best effort), that's not to say that Master Messina and her staff don't give. They give generously, in abundance. During the pandemic, TaeCole donated to the community over and over again, filling gift baskets and goody bags for PTA's efforts to brighten kids' days by leaving something special on their doorsteps. When my own kids were in the hospital hooked up to machines to keep them breathing, the owners of TaeCole dropped teddy bears for them on my back stoop AND allowed my son Rhett to assist the belt test as a second grader, knowing I couldn’t be there and hadn’t seen my oldest kids for over a week, and wanting to help him feel like life was going on as normal. I’ll never forget when parents sent me videos of him flying across the Meadow gym floor and breaking wood in an insane running jump kick.

TaeCole’s big-heartedness doesn't stop there. When my oldest son attended TaeCole, the owners gave a free uniform and membership to a 2nd grade friend of his who was new to the USA. I translated for his parents that he was being offered a scholarship and they were amazed and very grateful. That boy’s eyes grew wide when Master Messina handed him a fresh, white uniform. He couldn't believe it and the boy treasured the experience of his last year in Mineola, the only time he's participated in an organized after school activity.

TaeCole TKD is a sponsor for several Mineola PTA units, including our own. At the Middle School where I am currently PTA President, when the Harlem Wizards event came up this year, Master Messina sponsored us again by adding their sister organization, Female Fighters Matter Too. They donate prizes to our fundraisers every year without fail and offer scholarships when families need a little help.

TaeCole shows up for kids.

It is my extreme pleasure to award TaeCole Taekwondo with the New York State PTA Community Service Award. Thank you Master Messina, and all the staff at TaeCole TKD.

Kids Martial Arts near Albertson
2022 Best on the North Shore
Kids Martial Arts near Albertson
Grand Master S. C. Kang

Master Messina's Instructor
Kang Suh-chong was a South Korean-born martial artist and instructor who was a central figure in the establishment of Taekwondo in the United States.

Early years in South Korea
Suh Chong Kang was born September 29, 1929, in Shineuju, North Korea. Kang started his martial arts training in 1938 in Yudo, Su Bahk Do. He later became a student of Tang Soo Do/Kong Soo Do under Lee Won-kuk (Chung Do Kwan Founder) . Kang was a graduate of the first class of Chung Do Kwan black belts. In 1953 Kang founded his own branch of taekwondo, naming it Kuk Mu Kwan. From 1957 to 1969 Kang served as the head martials arts instructor of the Korean Military Intelligence Agency. From 1960 to 1968, he was the commanding instructor for the Republic of Korea Army.

Career in United States
In 1969, Kang and his family emigrated to the United States. While working as a janitor in a boxing gym, Kang was discovered striking the heavy bags early one morning. Believing the reverberating sounds to be gunshots, the boxers at the gym were astounded to discover that the “gunshots” they heard were, in fact, the sound of Kang hitting the bag. These boxers became his first crop of students in the United States.[1] Already an 8th Dan Black Belt, he founded his own Tae Kwon Do academy in Brooklyn, New York. Kang became the first President of the American Tae Kwon Do Association (ATA), serving from 1969 to 1978. In the late 1970's, Kang served as the Vice President of the International Tae Kwon Do Federation. He was also the Chairman of the All American Tae Kwon Do Federation, based in Brooklyn. 

Before his death, Lee Won-kuk promoted Kang to the rank of 10th Dan Black Belt. He was the first one of the original Chung Do Kwan Black Belts to receive this honor. Suh Chong Kang died peacefully in his sleep on January 30, 2022

Kids Martial Arts near Albertson
Best on Long Island 2022
Voted best on Long Island 2022
Kids Martial Arts near Albertson
Best on the North Shore 2020!
Kids Martial Arts near Albertson
Awarded Most Powerful Woman in Business NY
2019 Best On the North Shore
Kids Martial Arts near Albertson
Voted Best on Long Island three years in a row!
Kids Martial Arts near Albertson
Thank you for helping me grow...
Kids Martial Arts near Albertson

We have been nominated,  best on Long Island three Years in a row!

Kids Martial Arts near Albertson
review by drawing=)
Kids Martial Arts near Albertson
A Special Review
Kids Martial Arts near Albertson
Voted Best on the North Shore 2016 and 17

North Shores Best for the Second year!

Christian J.
Taecole is a great place to learn the art of Tae Kwan Do. From the first time I went for a lesson, everyone was very helpful and friendly. Since then I have learned a lot and really enjoy the time there. Its instructive, challenging, and fun!
Kids Martial Arts near Albertson
Deedee B.
Amazing Masters and instructors. Both my boys have gained more discipline, respect and self confidence from them!!
Kids Martial Arts near Albertson
William W.
Taecole TKD is the best martial arts school in Long Island hands down! I've known Master Messina for over 20 years and there is no one that teaches with more compassion, dedication and professionalism as Master Margret Messina and Master Ray Messina.
Kids Martial Arts near Albertson
Michelle J.

We really love this place. Both my children go, my daughter who started at 5 and my son who started at 4. My daughter is now 10 years old and working towards her junior blackbelt. We started Tae Cole because my daugher who was 5 at the time was very shy and wouldn't speak up for herself. Oh, boy has Tae Cole given her confidence and a voice. She is a strong spirited and happy girl now and knows when to stand up for herself. My son is now six years old and the discipline is good for him. TaeCole really cares about our kids and they do not hesitate to give back to the community (I have personal experience as I am on the PTO at my children's school and a Girl Scout Leader) They give our children tools for self defense, bullying, stranger danger and teach them respect for themselves and for others. They also try to make it fun for them at the same time. They hold extra fun classes for the kids to attend. Master Messina and Master Ray are not in it for the money, they are in it because they love what they do. They really care about the children and work hard to help us parents make them good people. I highly, highly recommend them. We have referred TaeCole many times and no one has walked away unhappy.

Kids Martial Arts near Albertson
Irene K.

Taecole is the best martial arts place to go to. Master Messina, Master Ray, and all the staff members are nice, helpful, and caring. They teach kids like me, the importance of respect, honesty, having perseverance, having self-confidence, and most of all how to defend themselves. I started at 5 years old (white belt) and still continue at 12 years old (black belt.) I used to get bullied a long time age and now nobody messes with me and I stick up for myself and others. Thanks to Master Messina and Master Ray and all the other staff members at Taecole, I wouldn't have the confidence to stick up for myself now. I hope to you enjoyed what I had to say and I hope you make a wise decision and pick Taecole Tae Kwon Do!!

Kids Martial Arts near Albertson
Mike T.

Yes, Taecole TKD is a great martial arts school, but it is so much more. Our two kids have been going there for over a year and we are so happy to see that they LOVE it, that they look forward to going there, and that they feel great after they've been there. Master Ray and Master Messina are not just highly skilled at martial arts, they are highly valued and appreciated life teachers. We are so glad we wandered into their school in the summer of 2014 and so lucky to have them in our community.

Kids Martial Arts near Albertson
Bobby M.

When our son Kaiden turned 4, we decided to enroll him in a physical activity class where he could not only interact with other kids but to also learn valuable life lessons. We felt that martial arts would provide him with essential tools he would need throughout his life. We initially signed him up with another local dojo. Sadly, he hated every second of it and we were not very happy parents. When we discovered TAECOLE, Kaiden was worried that it'd be the same horrible type of class. Thankfully, it was the complete opposite and Kaiden loved it from day 1. Master Messina, Master Ray, and their talented staff (most of which have been students from an early age) are an extension of our family. They are all a very caring bunch and have helped Kaiden become a respectful, considerate, and confident 10 year old young man. What we love about TAECOLE is that Masters Messina and Ray not only teach tae kwon do as expected, but more importantly, they cleverly coach the children on how to be responsible, kind, honest, and resourceful HUMANS! We are constantly amazed with Kaiden's progress as what he learns at TAECOLE filters through in all other areas of his life. TAECOLE Tae Kwon Do is a blessing in our lives!

Kids Martial Arts near Albertson
Magda M.

Ever since my son Matthew started with TaeCole 3 years ago he has become a much more confident individual. The discipline that he has been thought by Master Messina and all of the instructors has developed him into a respectable,considerate young boy.He enjoys going to the class and it has made him excel in every aspect of his life. I strongly recommend that every parent should seriously look into enrolling their child in TaeCole because the value learned is unmeasurable.

Kids Martial Arts near Albertson
Alecia P.
I have signed my boys up for a lot of activities, but usually they end up being glorified play dates. At Taecole Taekwondo, this is not the case. The kids are active, the instructors implement different lesson plans every day, and my kids are hearing the importance of integrity, courtesy, and self-control from mouths other than their parents'. And they've met a lot of great kids in the neighborhood. I feel like we hit the jackpot when we found this place.
Kids Martial Arts near Albertson
Yesinia U.
Great place!! Instructions are kind and let you feel part of the school. I feel part of the TKD family!!

Taecole Kids Are Safe Kids

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