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Chris Trietsch, Martial Arts Instructor

Chris Trietsch

5th Dan Black Belt Senior Instructor/ Youth Program Director

Chris Trietsch has been part of the Taecole family for over 15 years. Chris started practicing Taekwondo at Taecole when he was 6 years old and has loved it ever since! Chris is passionate about helping others be the best version of themselves.  

Chris has his BA in Physical Education and ECH Development from Adelphi University.

Chris now specializes in teaching the Children's Program (K-12). Chris also Loves playing and building ukuleles.

He is a Top Korean Forms Traditionalist and is a Gold Medalist for the USA. 

*2019 Ocean State Grand Nation Mens Korean Forms Champion

*2017 ADELPHI Honors BA in physical Education/ECD (K-12)

*2016 NYS / KRANE National Mens Black Belt Champion. 

*2015 Mens GOLD Medalist USA Martial Arts Team

*2015 ISKA Mens Traditional Forms Champion

*2014 Mens NASKA World Champion Fighter 

*2014 Top Ten NASKA Mens Korean Forms Competitor 

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